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Meet Sasha 

Sasha Perea is a bilingual model, host, author, model coach, and pageant veteran, known for her remarkable talent and versatility. As the first Colombian Miss DC USA, she proudly represents her heritage and has achieved numerous milestones in her career.



Her charismatic and engaging presence has made her a popular choice for a wide range of events. From corporate functions to cultural celebrations, Sasha's ability to connect with diverse audiences sets her apart.

With a dynamic presence, Sasha captivates audiences in both English and Spanish, making her a sought-after host and MC for a variety of events. Her extensive experience includes working with the Colombian Embassy, hosting DC Fashion Week (the 5th most recognized fashion week in the nation), and gracing the red carpet at prestigious events.

"Model Mindset" Book: Discover Sasha's passion for empowering aspiring models through her book, "Model Mindset." This insightful and inspiring read takes you on a transformative journey, providing valuable tips, practical advice, and personal anecdotes from Sasha's own experiences. Unleash your inner confidence and embrace the mindset of a successful model with Sasha's empowering words.

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